Yet another blog appears online. What else could there possibly be to add on the Internet? What does live quality even mean? Who is this nerd in the mass effect jacket? Wait a second, is he outside?

Welcome to my blog. My name is Jacob Charles from Lincoln, Nebraska. I work full-time as a software developer. I’m a part-time  student at the University of  Nebraska, near completion of a bachelors in geography and a minor in computer science. As you can tell from my featured photo, I’m a huge fan of mass effect and exploring the outdoors. But this blog isn’t about  me.


Wilson Lake, KS

This blog is about the quality of our environment, and why that benefits all of us. That said I’m not an extremist. I am a realist and will look at things from a practical standpoint. Such as building a road around an oak tree is not practical.

Our quality of environment is perspective based. The above image is why I care about our quality. Wilson  Lake is a beautiful oasis in the Great Plains. Along posting about living with quality,  I will occasionally post about my hiking expeditions. The quality of natural lands is important to me. Whereas some individuals may not see it that way, which is perfectly fine. My posts will hopefully be educating and inspiring individuals to live with the quality that they perceive.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, or want to suggest a blog post. I’m excited to start this blog and look forward to hearing other people’s perspectives.

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